True-ness cap

In the rulebook it says you can progress to a level “equivalent” to True in paths and professions. If you do does this use up one of the three “True” header slots or is it a separate thing?

This works by you becoming True in a path or profession. It uses up a true slot when you do.

Does learning true skill in a header instantly make you true in it, or do you need to unlock so many true skills before you are truely… true?

Even a single true skill makes you true in something, generally speaking.

And you can only be true in up to three things, including being true in your race, true profession(s) and true in header(s), right?

Do the advanced skills implied in the rulebook to exist even beyond true skills in a header count as a further level of true against the true cap?

Correct, you can only be true in up to three things, including being true in your race, true in profession(s) and true in header(s).

Advanced skills in each header beyond the rulebook True skills are generally something that are accessible with just the one “level of trueness.”

However, there may come a point where to continue getting more advanced skills, you need to use a 2nd or even 3rd “true slot.” If someone puts all their Trueness in one thing, they become a Paragon of that thing and can learn some extra things. (Only some headers/professions support Paragons. Races and cultures generally do not support more than 1 level of trueness.)

If you ever decide you no longer want one of your True headers, there are some in-game ways to move CP around. (Your local rune mages and alchemists can probably help.)


One final clarify, does your first free true header count towards the true cap? Is is that one free true header plus three, or is it that one plus two others?

I would assume it is the first otherwise it would be impossible to become a paragon in your race or profession if you need three trues to attain that, unless not taking any true skills in your first header makes you not true in it…

Your first free True header counts toward the cap. So it’s that one plus two others, (unless you find a way to move points out of your original True).

And to reiterate, it is possible to choose to cease being true in a header, even your original header.

So you get 3 “True” headers. Headers include Racial Headers, Cultural Headers, Profession Headers, and Skill Headers. (I’m not sure “skill” is the right word, but I’m going to use it.) In general, it seems like if a Racial or Cultural Header duplicates a true skill from a Skill Header, it ends up a true skill in both headers.

In general, headers (except professions) have 3-4 non-true skills, and at least 3-4 true skills, though some have more. Having any true skill makes you true. You can be true in a Skill Header without having any of the true skills someone starting with the header has. Skill Headers often have a Path (or Paths) you can follow to unlock additional skills. Being True in the header lets you progress down the paths, even if you have not learned the “default” true skills – though some Paths do require specific true skills to be able to learn them.

Using my character as an example, since he’s experienced a lot of the edge cases.
Roderago is a Paragon Mystic, which means he has devoted all 3 of his “Trues” to mystic. He started as true mystic and early in his career, he learned to be a true druid and to wither. To become a paragon mystic he had to give this up. He did this through a combination of buying an alchemy elixir to remove the withers he’d bought (and let him respend those CP), and doing a ritual in-game in which he became paragon and gave up his other true-ness. As a true mystic, he has learned a couple “true-only” skills that any true mystic can learn (like Spirit Strike). Additionally he has pursed two mystic Paths - the path of the Ascetic (in which he has dived deep) and the path of the Medium (in which he has learned 1 skill). Staff has let me know that if he was not already a paragon, if he learned much more in Medium he’d need to devote a second true header on mystic. In addition, due to being a paragon mystic and a lot of IG and BGS work, he has unlocked two skills that only a Paragon Mystic could learn. If he ever ceased being a paragon, he’d lose access to those paragon-only skills, and since he just learned an additional Medium skill at his last game, would need to devote two True slots to Mystic. Despite being a paragon, he has gone and learned a non-True human skill and could probably learn 2 or maybe 3 more human skills before his being a Paragon Mystic would block his learning more “Human” racial skills - and it already blocks him learning true-human skills.