URGENT: Help moving things to and from Camp Lincoln

Hi All,

Based on camp availability, we are going to be attempting to move stuff to the alternate camp on Sunday, 10/22 (that’s this Sunday), and return things to the camp after game off on the Sunday of game. In order to make that feasible, we need people to commit to helping.

On the 22nd, we need at least 5 people to commit to coming to move things to Camp Lincoln. If you can only make it for loading or only unloading, that’s fine but both is certainly better. Camp Lincoln would like us to arrive ~3. Given travel time and loading time, we would want people to try to arrive at Camp Middlesex by 11.

We need 12 people to commit to staying through cleanup at Lincoln. We also need 5 people to commit to coming to Camp Middlesex to unload the U-Haul.

If you can help with any of these things, please let us know ASAP by filling out this form.