What larps do we have a cast swap with?

Could we get the list of the larps we have cast swaps with listed here?

Sure thing!

We have cast swaps with:

WW players can receive up to 2 CP for NPCing an event at one of these games.
Players of these games will receive points for NPCing for Witchwood.

(Also, we have a “cast swap with ourselves” where people who NPC for us can get 2 CP per event to put towards PCing if they want to go that way.)

We keep a sign-up sheet in the Staff Center, for NPCs who are players at our cast swap partner games.

If you NPC at a partner game, you should use the contact form (http://www.witchwoodroleplaying.com/ww/contact/) to let us know so we can award your CP. You should also let the other game know, so they can report back that you attended.

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