Winter 2019 Donations List

Hi folks,

If you would like to get some last CP before the season cap rolls over, or use the Feast as a convenient hand-off time for donations, this list is for you. Witchwood is in need of the following things before Spring 1:

  1. [claimed] 1 of these 6-packs of A23 batteries:

  2. [claimed] A pack of red glow sticks:

  3. [purchased] 4x 40” black Action Flex swords:

  4. [purchased] 1x 60” black Action Flex staff:

  5. [purchased] 1x 72” black Action Flex staff:

  6. [purchased] 1 or 2 of this mask (one white with request for custom silver highlights, one white with request for custom gold highlights):

  7. [claimed] 2x packs of these film canisters:

Getting the batteries, glow sticks and film canisters for y’all and will be dropping off at the feast.


Now that the cap has rolled over, I would like to remind everyone that staff could use some new boffers and masks so that you may be stabbed with more comfort and style. :slight_smile: