Winter 2022-2023 Rulebook update

This will be posted in the official rulebook on the website soon, but I wanted to call it out specifically - we’ve changed the True slot requirement on Culture skills.

Culture Skills: In general, cultures have 4 Basic skills associated with them that any member of that culture can learn. (You begin game as part of any Culture where you spend significant time in your backstory. You may join a culture during game through various plot, generally involving helping people of that culture.) Most cultures also have 4 Advanced skills that you may learn once you have both a) learned all 4 Basic skills in the culture and b) completed a particular roleplaying task significant to that culture. Although it is possible to learn skills from more than one culture, there may be limits on how many cultures a character may gain skills from.

Does this mean culture skills no longer require a True to get the advanced skills?

Yes, the change is that things are now “advanced” Instead of True.