Winter CP crafting opportunities

During this brief strange period not in LARP crunch-time, staff would like volunteers to help with a couple things -

  1. We could use a dark blue shawl edged in black lace

  2. We could use replacement props for most of our gravestones. Using slate charchuterie boards seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turns out those break really easily. What we’d love is a bunch of pieces of wood painted to look stone-colored. There are currently 9 spirits in the Oak Harbor graveyard, and it would be good to have extras on hand.

As usual, crafting donations gets you 1 CP per hour spent and 1 CP per $25 in materials.

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I will commit to 3 gravestones. Are there specific shapes / styles you are looking for? Any names that should be added to them?

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Nothing in particular. ideally, some shape that could be staked to the ground to stand up well.
I might wait a bit on sending you names, in case anyone wants dibs on a particular one, but I can send some.

I shall also commit to 3 gravestones!

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Update I’ve found very inexpensive wooden gravestone blanks, so I can absolutely claim all 6, because with a good stone spray paint the base was my biggest time concern. Relatedly, do we have desired heights? They can be up to 42 inches tall (we do not need that lol) and an inch thick.

I’m thinking ~24" tall, or maybe even only 18".
3/8" thick is probably enough?

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Grabbing 6 at 24" tall, half inch wide for cost effectiveness. If we want to set them upright, it will be pretty easy to attach stakes the the bottom for extra supports but I’m gonna focus on making the dang things first lol

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I can do the shawl! Is there a kind dark blue fabeic style preferred?

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Thank you!
Shiny is always good.
Either plain, or with a geometric kind of texture.

We have another sewing project; message me for details.

Also, we could use a 10th gravestone.