Winter Feast: Registration Open and Logistics

Hi All,

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the Winter Feast! The event will take place on Saturday March 16th, from 4-8:30 PM at the Montague Common Hall in Montague, MA… Cost for the event will be $25 without bringing a potluck dish or $20 with it (see below). We have the hall reserved starting at 2 and will need help setting up and making sure everything gets cleaned up properly before we have to leave at 10. A future post will be made about potluck and setup/cleanup organization.

Our plan for handling food and drinks is based on our current understanding of the space but this is a new location for us and as such, may have to be adjusted. We will keep everyone informed and furthermore recognize that levels of Covid precautions vary within our community and that our arrangements may not make everyone comfortable with attending.

Food will be a potluck. We are allowed to bring wine and beer but no other alcohol. Our current plan is to set up the food and beverages in a room in the basement and have people come down (masked) to make a plate and then take their food to an eating area.

The event will be held in two rooms, the main room and a smaller meeting room. The main room of the building has a small stage and a dance floor which is relatively delicate. We will not be allowing food or drinks inside the main room and masks will be required there at all times. There will be tables and chairs in the meeting room for eating and drinking and masks will not be required there. We will be arranging for some air purifiers to be brought and I intend to make a Corsi-Rosenthal Box to place in that eating area or near the doorway between the rooms. There also appears to be a nice outdoor area and we will arrange for some chairs and tables outside as well, although it’s March in New England so that might or might not work out in practice.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Hope to see you there,


please disregard our registration for the feast and future events I can not sell the nurf bow and arrows to the guys, sorry. But hope everyone has a fun event…

If you are planning on bringing something for the potluck, please fill out this form! If you are bringing more than one thing, please fill it out once for each thing.

A few logistics for visiting the hall:

First, locations for parking are marked in blue on this map. In general, you can park on the street, but don’t park immediately outside the hall on the curve of the road.

Next, though I believe food and drink won’t be allowed upstairs in the main hall, just in case there is a liquid spill in the main upstairs space, that should be mopped up right away, since there’s a special finish on the dance floor that means it will stain easily.

Finally, the Montague Common Hall is maintained by an all-volunteer board, and they request that their renters do our part to help maintain the space. Please leave it cleaner than you found it. Rental fees don’t cover the cost of maintaining the building, so please feel free to make a donation in the box outside the main hall, if you feel so moved.

Happy feasting!

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