Witchwood Merch/Swag is Here!

Thanks to Eben & Alice (aka Raf and Ravenna), Witchwood merchandise is now available!


Choose your own style and color for shirts.
Get one with our leaf logo, or get a map of the Realms in your choice of design: one with the straight-forwardness of Vigor, the other with the intricate detail of Umbra.

Get stickers, phone cases, leggings, or even greeting cards for when you need to say, “Sorry about your final death.”

We’ll be scheduling our Summer Revels Out-of-Game get-together soon, and Alice has offered to bring tie-dye supplies, so anyone who gets a white shirt can color it to match whatever realms they like. Remember, cotton shirts take dye better than synthetics.

The realms on the strait forward design are upside down… Everyone knows Firmament and Vigor are on top, with Reverie Umbra on bottom.

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Feel free to use the contact link to submit art with the realms in your preferred orientation. :slight_smile:

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When are we getting Vigamor compression shirts? :smiley:

Eventually, from a different vendor. (I’m working on getting some samples made, to see how well it will work with print-on-demand.)

Maybe I’ll bring one to Summer Revels.

From now until midnight tomorrow, use the code CREEPY20 to get 20% off.


Bumping this thread for all of our wonderful new players who might want t-shirts (or other WW swag) of their very own.

The realms shirt is completely wrong! Reverie and Umbra should clearly be on the bottom, with Firmament and Vigor on the top. Is the designer not a scholar of the realms at all?

I agree with those changes if only you then tilt it with Evren at the top and Void at the bottom

Ducky, the designer wrote the realms and that graphic literally comes the rulebook.

That’s just ridiculous. Everyone knows that when you look at the realms from the top, Firmament is to the right of Evren, and Reverie to the left.

(This is a joke started by two rather drunk Velliar about what the realm alignment is, since in 3d space, it doesn’t matter even in the slightest)

so…any word yet on vigamor bro tanks?

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Thin the herd and cull the weak, wherever you are!