Witchwood Pinterest Boards

I’d like to debut to all of you the Witchwood Pinterest boards:

The world of Evren, much like Earth, is a diverse place. The cultures presented in our rulebook are intended to be open ended and not corresponding precisely to particular real world cultures. However, we would like to offer a variety of different guiding examples for styles associated with each culture. Furthermore, we would like people from all Earth-cultures to know that there is room in the world of Evren for them to explore stories inspired by their heritage.

Many of the cultures of Evren are diasporas, scattered since before recorded history. Although most people within a given culture share certain values, philosophies, and traditions, the people of each culture have also been shaped by their geography and neighbors. As such, there is substantial diversity within each culture found across Evren. The is no one right way to portray a Daler, a Hurzicht, a Tattershawl, or anything else.

While we aspire to welcome a broad variety of cultural influences in our game, we would also like to stress the importance of avoiding cultural appropriation. If you are considering including elements in your character from a real-world culture that is not your own, think carefully. This is a complex issue, and we can’t provide comprehensive rules on what is and is not appropriative. But if you are ever in doubt and want to talk to someone, the game director, board, or ombudsperson are more than willing.

If you see any fabulous pictures around the web, we would love suggestions for additions to the Pinterest boards. And if you would like to see any pins removed, we’re also interested in your thoughts.