Additional COVID related precautions information

Hi folks,

I’ve spent the past few weeks simultaneously really excited to see you all and also really worrying about delta. The weather forecast continues to look promising for next weekend, so we should be able to make everything work with a mostly-outdoor event. A few notes:

  • You should expect to wear a mask whenever you go indoors. The exception is when going to sleep/nap/rest in your cabin. (Although if you think you can get to sleep in a mask, more power to you.)

  • To increase the amount of outdoor eating space, we can move some of the tables out of the tavern, but people are strongly encouraged to bring picnic blankets / camp chairs / etc to sit at.

  • If you own an air purifier, you’re encouraged to bring it for your cabin. Fans are good, too. (I plan to bring my home air purifier for the staff center.)

  • We will be extra in need of volunteers on Friday afternoon to help us set up the pop-up tents to give both players and staff outdoor chill spots. We will also be extra in need of volunteers to stay on Sunday to help clean up.

  • We plan to implement a system for visually indicating people’s level of social distance comfort/caution. More details about that soon.


I’ll be there relatively early Friday, and can help set up tents.


I’m bringing a couple of spare tents if anyone gets there and decides they would be more comfortable in a tent. One is large and is supposed to sleep 2, the other sleeps 1.
My character’s name is Odie, you can ask around for me if you’d like to borrow either.

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