Fall 1 2023 favorite moments

What are your favorite moments?

Getting subdued by the PCs as Ficus, so I’d stop trying to “help” against the Gold Acorn.


Listening to Spira tell people about Gurtoss on Saturday night, knowing that we were going to send out The Last Gurtoss the next day.


Lyki: Hey, how are you?
Ökyü: You know, thats getting kinda ominous…

Lyki: Hey, what is… MO, MO WHAT ARE YOU DOING MO NO STOP… (Mo can outrun Lyki, fyi.)

Someone: Oh Lyki, someone replaced your flag with another pirate flag.
Lyki: That one is Nem’s… and Nem heals me so I am not touching that flag.

In general I enjoyed the cultural festival, but night time pork belly with wanderer spice time was great.

Pai Sho in the tavern.


(I’m paraphrasing here but…)
Durand: I want to set the record straight once and for all…I absolutely stole that fucking ship and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Kael: so then I stabbed her in the…(scribbles furiously). I killed her and everything was fine.

  • Getting trapped by the Nightmares in Reverie and getting dragged into the room where I had to cross a pit by jumping on some trapped rocks and get some boxes across the room. As someone with a mild fear of heights this was amazing. Also the moment before I grabbed the boxes with ungloved hands only to realize “Oh Shit contact poison” and that I left my large bag with my gloves on the other side of the pit. 10/10 would nightmare again

  • Leaving the Nightmare reverie nonsense to be told I need to go back into Reverie to deal with Mistwolf nonsense. So glad Erris, Nem and Vai were there.

  • Being told by Vai I was the “best Davenstern” and being asked by Celebration if I was sure I was a Davenstern.

  • Quickly talking with Len? Lem? the Orsgul Kalmak spellsinger about joining the Kalmak and being told it was up to his sister and that a good way to make an impression would be to organize a pitfight. Talking to Signe and Florica immediately after and hearing both of them being super enthusiastic for this to happen.

  • In the final fight after killing Beatrice and having to run for my life from a mosquito only to be hit with a well timed trip as I thought I was almost clear and then slide safely in the wet grass.

  • Rosen giving me a copy of a puzzle he said was on some paper and being told this would find the hint for the necromancer who stole some of the Gatekeeper of Vigor’s power and once we got a name from the puzzle him declaring it now my problem.

  • Calling resist after getting hit with a poison during the Golden Acorn fight, but pretending to go down. Got dragged away and was in a good position to use one of the maims the Grandmother of Shrubs gave me.

  • Grandmother of Shrubs

  • Silencing Eliot. Also Eliot Raspberry Hedgehog squeaks.


As a new player getting to meet everyone and desperately trying to remember names. I didn’t get to everyone but I will! You all (staff and players) made it very easy to come in from the outside. A big thanks to Rosen, I received an overpayment for some help and it’s exciting. I’m used to Ducky trying to kill me instead.

Meeting the new Antithesis was fantastic. I love that NPC already. The RP from the staffer, just chef’s kiss. One of my two favorite NPCs of all time ( I <3 Gourmand). A shout out to Florica for some fantastic RP too.

My character at PK was a a surgeon who did some fighting so getting to lean into a fighting character was a delight. Watching Colin gave me a lot of insight on how to fight and I appreciated his input.

Between everyone I think I have a better sense of the character’s strengths and flaws so I’m looking forward to much bolder flavor of Kellis Stormbourne.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic time!


“Where do Felicitoro leaders wear their rings? That’s easy! On their hands.”

(and out-of-game crunchy meekly walks up to retrieve the dagger that was left behind after assassinating me) “Oh. You’re just going to walk up and take that, huh? Oh, excuse me, I just assassinated you, and - terribly sorry, so embarrassing - I left my dagger behind. Can I get that? I mean, let’s be fair, I did kill you, and then I did manage to run away, and I feel like we should all remember that and fair is fair and I should be allowed to retrieve this dagger…”

“What that fae needed to realize is that your home has just been invaded by people. And people are like monsters who create portals into your home and then you die. Your death is now basically inevitable. The only thing you can do is hide in the corner and pray that they don’t notice you.”


Walking past the tavern Friday night and hearing Signe go “I subdued two swarms of bees!! :D”

The sheep in Friday’s repeater mod: Baah :slight_smile:
Someone: something something mutton?
The sheep: …baah :frowning:


Mo: “You have your lessons planed out for forever, so when are you learning Stall Eidolon and Shard Eidolon”

Yorick: “825”

Mo: “Can I bribe you to learn it sooner”

Erris: “I will bribe you to learn it sooner.”

Yorick: “Alright?”

(I think I have settled on 10 leaf as an acceptable bribe for this)


Ficus: The Golden Acorn is mostly a problem because of their leadership. If we take out the people at the top someone else could probably take over and lead them in a better direction.
Someone (I didn’t catch who): Someone like you?
Ficus: I would be a good candidate. I have a background in community organization and-
Zevvi: You mean running a cult.
Ficus: … I’m not not saying that.
Zevvi: I’m not helping you get a new cult, Ficus.

Later, in the line for dinner.

Ficus: How does Savia inspire such loyalty in her cult.
Zevvi: I don’t think the cheese cult is actually hers.
Ficus: Oh, I know but she just comes here with tasks and you all rush to do them and don’t give her any trouble. Why?
Zevvi: She gives us free cheese?
Ficus: Skeptical look
Zevvi: deep sigh She pays us, Ficus. It’s not being a cult; it’s doing a job for mutual benefit.
Ficus: even more skeptical look I should talk to her about it. Do you think-
Zevvi: I’m still not helping you get a new cult, Ficus.


from my perspective that went something like:

  • ooo, am I actually gonna get this assasinate call off? :0
  • Run run run run - wait, is no one following me?
  • barely catch my breath in staff center
  • another crunchie enters
  • “Hey, Ash, I think your phone fell out of your pocket while you were booking it”
  • …fuck
  • no, wait, i’ll just change into a different outfit and go out and see if I can spot it. this is a flawless plan.
  • wander around area tavern area. find phone in the grass. i have not destroyed The Immersion - victory
  • hey while i’m here, i’ll retrieve some props. bonus objective of potentially listen in to see A) how many people died and B) check player temperature
  • I will be So Discrete about this
  • Leopold has entered chat
  • remaining brain power fizzles out XD

Amos’s various wake up songs for different animals this event. I think the Goat Sheep song will always have a special place in my heart <3

Going out as a sheep for the cave mod, and having people’s reactions be either “Awe, a sheep! So cute!” or “IT’S ON SIGHT, BITCH. YOU’RE DYING TONIGHT”. truly, the duality of Oak Harbor

PC early morning discussions while mail gets passed around. The discussion immediately turns to crime and what counts as illegal. Peaking in an argument on how exactly crimes that occur in the surrounding water’s work.
Colin, very vehemently: It’s literally called ‘Oak Harbor’ - the water has to count!

Being a bee distracted by a new player. At some point, they start picking up speed, so I naturally follow them.
Player, excitedly: I’m gonna agitate the bees! :smiley: I’m gonna get stung! :smiley:

getting a few good rounds of the Tsuro off. I am always hesitant as to whether playing board games will be successful or not in larps, but I was very glad people seemed to enjoy it

“How many skeletons is too many skeletons?”

The wizards correctly deciding to be complete and utter turncoats while retrieving high commander stryx and kobolds from an ongoing battle between the two. Also just the sheer enthusiasm PCs gave to whichever side they were rooting for at the time.

Getting a chance to break out the throwing skulls :wink:


Me, knowing as the hook what the Nightmare mod capacity is but also knowing that I can’t give jack info to the players: this should be fine. Like, the highest number we’ve gotten to jump on mods like this that run at this time in recent history has been like, eight.
watches nearly the entire town assemble
Me: … well, this mod will be memorable at least


After the third time someone asked why I was staying in the university.
“I’m not staying in the university. Do you have any idea how inconvenient that would be? I can’t open that gate. I’m staying in the building that door leads to when the gate isn’t open. Which is still inconvenient because I can’t get in when the gate is open, but less inconvenient, and it makes my stuff really secure.”
“You could break in a window?”
“I could but when I tried to just open a window last night, a pane fell out. If I broke in I don’t think I’d have a window, anymore. And it’s cold.”

The conversation continues in this vein, with me complaining and giving RL answers to why suggested work-arounds wouldn’t work, because I’d gotten so into this conversation that I forgot the problem I was complaining about wasn’t real, and only existed in the realm of in-game-logic.

Also explaining the concept of “the building that door leads to when the gate isn’t open” which apparently a lot of people had never given any thought.


Oh, drawing what Yorick believed his Daler amulet would be at the cultural festival was amazing. He had legit reasons for a broken tree for his family tree and a hydra egg for what would be important to him when he was seven. Seemed to unnerve the Daler running that part of the festival.


Getting a quick break during Saturday night dishes to find Vicki trying to tend a couple Golden Acorn ruffians back to consciousness, and promptly slaying/death striking them all was much fun


“Well, well, look who’s extended too far and gone down in front of the line. I guess I ought to punish that mis—OH NO BAMBOOZLED :O”

Having to pretend to be pissed about that little ruse instead of impressed was perhaps the toughest acting challenge of my night.


“Obliterate Spirit”

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