IG Goods and Services to Buy / Sell

With all the new players, this seems like a good time to create a common place where people can list goods/services they have to sell or ones they would be interested in buying. Smiths/runecrafters/alchemists/herbalists/anyone else, if you’d like to list what you can offer and standard prices, go for it!

Would this also be a good place to list OOG services such as helping build boffers, costuming, or armor, or should a separate thread go up for that?

A separate thread for that would be great.

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Custom Runecraft
The below scrolls must be used for the intended effect within 5 minutes of opening the scroll. If you wish to extend that duration to an entire event, add 4 leaf to the cost. If you wish the resulting ability to be natural, add 8 leaf to the cost. Unopened scrolls last forever.

  • Air Dart - 4
  • Assassinate - 20
  • Avoid Trap - 8
  • By-My-Voice Repel - 16
  • By-My-Voice Silence - 12
  • By-My-Voice Wither Limb - 25
  • Circle of Protection - 20
  • Component Preservation (still requires Silver Acorn) - 12
  • Conceal - 4
  • Dispel Circle of Protection - 35
  • Dream - 8
  • Elemental Dart - 4
  • Gust - 8
  • Maim - 8
  • Maim with Bow - 8
  • Mend Limb - 12
  • Oakskin - 8
  • Oracle - 15
  • Parry - 8
  • Purify - 8
  • Refresh 4 Quintessence of Skills - 20
  • Repel - 8
  • Repose of Peace - 12
  • Root - 8
  • Silence - 4
  • Slay - 20
  • Sleep - 8
  • Spellshield - 12
  • Spirit Dart - 4
  • Spirit Walk - 50
  • Subterfuge - 20
  • There Is No Escape - 50
  • Unroot - 16
  • Water Dart - 4
  • Water Strike - 12
  • Weakness - 8

The below scrolls have unique durations or grant abilities for the entire event.

  • Agility, All Event - 40
  • Armor Expertise, All Event - 40
  • Death Ward, One Minute - 35
  • Improved Agility, All Event - 35
  • Resist First Slay, All Event - 50
  • Retreat, All Event - 40

Please let me know if you wish to place an order.

  • Leopold Aldenberg

…There’s a lot. Hold on, I’ll put together a spreadsheet.



I’m very good at finding the dead who know information. If you have something specific you are having trouble finding other places, that someone dead would know, I can offer that as a service. Pricing will vary depending on how inclined I am to research the topic already, how hard it is to obtain the information, and if I need to be expending effort to keep it discrete. I can sometimes be convinced to sage topics as well. And as always, I’m willing to provide guidance on doing your own research (sage or otherwise), if having someone to talk through formulating good questions for getting useful answers would be desirable.

I can destroy curses, but the cost may be more than you wish to pay as part of the payment is taking a death.

I am also always looking to buy rubies.

Roderago Aldenberg


Amos is a herbalist. My current skillset is:
Heal 2_____________________Holly
Purify_____________________Crimson Bellis (Red Flower)
Conceal___________________Mimic Weed (Yellow Flower)
Speak with Dead____________Salt (White Mineral, Smooth edges)
Unroot____________________Snowy Bellis (White Flower)

Weapon Augments (Some I can double up):
Sleep_____________________Blue Aster (Blue Flower), x2 Available
Weakness_________________Spider x2 Available
Spirit Dart_________________Salt (White Mineral, Smooth Edges), x2 Available
Venom*___________________Spider and Snake
Cleave*___________________Insect, x2 Available

I can do the following rituals:
Venom Stone**_____________2 Spiders, 2 Snakes, 1 Giant Spider Venom Gland for 6 venom

I can infuse anything. Give me something you want to eat and I’ll make something for you to eat with it. I usually infuse things as moonshine for personal use or Jerky for feeding to monsters. I have infused the following:
Earthstar Mushroom________Limb Regeneration Moonshine
Maggot___________________Something that makes you sick if you eat it.
Most simple things I would expect to do what they do as an extraction above or similar.

  • Learning this in lessons this gather

** I need to learn venom before I can do this one on my own

I can only work with the materials that I have, so I need components to do those things. I always use them if the situation demands it, and I’m always happy to do an extraction for you if you have the component I need to do it. Charging for my services usually doesn’t make any sense at all.
I will double-augment and infuse things at my discretion and may be bribed to do so if the idea you have sounds like a bad idea. Making an idea sound amazing counts as a bribe.

Amos is also a scout,
I can find things, right now only very small things, in the woods. If you have a project that involves finding something in the woods, talk to me and I’ll see if I can set you up with something.


Zelai is also an Herbalist, and can do most of the things Amos can do. Like Amos, I don’t usually charge for applying an augment to a weapon if you supply the component. I cannot perform Sleep or Venom augments or Frog Oakskins, nor get the doubling effect that Amos has, but I can do a few other extractions, namely:

Spellshield______Snowy Bellis and Copper Acorn

Weapon Augment
Repel___________Black Mouse

Reduce next Device cost by 2_______________Grey Mouse
Preserve a component for one gathering_____Silver Acorn

Generally speaking, getting a Spellshield from me via Herbalism is not cost-effective and you should pay your local Wizard instead. If you supply the Silver Acorn, I am happy to preserve your component for free or a very nominal fee, depending on what you need it for (e.g., Wizards who need a Crab Apple preserved for their advancement I’m generally happy to do for free).

I can also craft Poultices - instant-use items that anyone can use to get the benefit of an extraction. I am happy to make these to order, but I need to set aside the components ahead of time and can’t make a huge number at present, so please let me know if you want me to make you some. Poultices only last one gathering, but they are very easy to make and thus I can sell them much more cheaply than scrolls or elixirs, which last forever. I can Poultice most any one- or two-component extraction, including weapon augments, though some of the odder extractions (like Gray Mouse and Silver Acorn) don’t poultice properly. My prices for Poultices I make often are generally thus:

  • Heal 2 - 2 Leaf
  • Purify - 4 Leaf
  • Cleave - 4 Leaf
  • Spirit Dart - 4 Leaf
  • Unroot - 7 Leaf

And here is the OOG thread:

If you’re planning any trips to Vigor or other places you suspect may involve lots of maimed limbs, consider bringing me. I can take your maimed limbs onto myself and my limbs automatically tend themselves after a minute.