Looking for somewhat obscure IG towns

Hi, all! Since this is my first post, I should introduce myself: I’m Dave Leung (he/his), and I started boffer larping at Legends around 2000. Played there for a few years; took a larping sabbatical; was tempted when WW formed but decided Nah; got back into boffer larping via the Winged Throne games (I played the last season of Prophecy 2; played in Prophecy 3, Covenant, and a bit of Evensong). I also played 2 years at Second Dawn and was most recently playing at Attaway. Lately, I’ve been getting into parlor larping, which is heavily influencing my bofferlarp playstyle. And now, with the pandemic quarantine, I’ve been musing about a WW character, woo!

Okay, so my questions:
1, since one only gets to be a complete newbie to a world once, I figure I might as well embrace it. :slight_smile: So I’m trying to pick a place that is the boondocks. I was going to pick “coastal towns north of Sahren”, so if that’s a good contender, let me know. I’m not looking for “blasted wasteland nobody comes from”, but rather, “lots of small towns far away from political or trade centers, and not a tourism destination”.

2, if the answer to #1 comes along with established lore, let me know? I’m happy to build upon it. Similarly, if it’s more a case of “oh, please define the coastal town north of Sahren for us”, then woo! I’m happy to write up a few details, in which case, my only question is what pattern (if any) the town names follow (an eastern European naming scheme? Northern Africa? Southeast Asia? Central America?).

Hi David! And welcome, glad to have you.

We have generally let people define their own towns if they want. Feel free to make up local geography and put it in a character background. If you accidentally conflict with anything that’s been establish, we can work with you on modifications. That’s unlikely to be necessary though. There also isn’t a defined naming scheme.

As for where to start for ideas, I would recommend picking a culture and reading about it, there are culture packets that we send you. There are also pinterest boards with some visual inspiration for the different cultures: Witchwood Pinterest Boards

Brilliant - thanks for the info!