Who Are You Anyway? In Character Photo for CP

Good evening,

With the recent influx of players and staff, there are a lot of new faces and costumes to keep track of! In light of this, we are asking y’all to take a good picture of yourself in costume. Please post it here with your full character name and your RL name. Then you will get 1 CP. Hooray! Help us make a staff center book of faces so that when I send out someone to hook you I can show them a picture instead of saying “uh, you know, the person with the big hat, no not that person, the other person with the big hat.” If you have a few Very Different costumes for your characers, multiple photos are great.

Please feel free to take group pictures and do silly things with this as well! But at least one photo of you, with your face as visible as it normally would be in your costume and the majority of your costume visible for CP and staff purposes.

Thank you!
Curator of Cheese and Mushrooms


Hello, it’s I, Dolan. (Dolan Cerik, Ryan Ford)

I am one of the MADlads and founding member of the Hilltop Occupants Association. I am an Angi Lana Lyra from The White Forest.

If you think you saw me, no you didn’t.


Hiya! Real name Shauna, but I go by Bones! In game I’m “Vel” Velikah Karou, I change with the seasons baby so I’ll always look a bit differnt!
Im Often with the crew: Jasper, Malori, Mar, and Fealan


Mogudad Flagsnatcher McDoogh, real name is Noel. I am the captain of the White Forest Trading Company militia as well as a MADlad and founding member of the Oak Harbor Hilltop Occupants Association. I follow five simple rules:

  1. If it needs to die, be efficient about it.
  2. Don’t stick your neck out for dead weight.
  3. Get paid for what you do.
  4. Take no prisoners.
  5. Snatch the flags of your enemies, defend the flags of your allies.

Ayooo. I’m Felicity! (she/they) and I play Lee (they/them). Their full name is FOIG. :slight_smile: First mate of the Little Victory, Town Crier, Spellsinger with champions who throw themselves into lava pits.

I usually wear this get up, though my hair has been changing colors as of late. Yes, I did win best hat contest through total legitimacy and no bribing was involved. xoxo


Guildmaster Kael Torren (she/her) of the Oak Harbor branch of the Alchemy Guild. I’m from another world outside the normal 6 realms, ice lyra, not strongly affiliated with any of the in-game cultures. Apparently Scribe of the Imperfect Arts. My appearance has changed several times but I’m somewhere on the spectrum of these two photos. Leather armor, blue glyph-like thing on my face, absolutely nothing else out of order on my face ever.

Out of game my name is Joy Perkinson (she/her). Joy and Kael have certain noted personality differences.


Leopold Aldenberg di Petulengro di Romanza, Lecturer with Merit of the Imperfect Arts
You’ll often find me in the library or just generally being fancy. I’m a Wizard and Rune Mage and Alchemist, and pretty happy to take on apprentices in any of those.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 090613-fotor-bg-remover-2024042591247


Howdy! Out of game name is Jacki (they/them), character is Fáelán (any pronouns), though many people have taken to just calling them Antlers, for obvious reasons. Wolf lyra and Agni Lana! Can also often be found hanging around with Malori, Jasper, Mar, and Velikah.


Hi! I’m Aaron (they/it) and my dear beloved character is Malori (she/they)! I’m a Mystic that will soon be able to shard you if you eidolon, so keep a lookout for me! I’m usually around and involved in combat stuff so I’ll hopefully be close at hand. Soon-to-be Emissary of Umbra! I may be dark and ominous, and not particularly expressive in game, but I am very nice and always willing to help! Feel free to say hi!



Character name: Öykü (she/her)
Most notably: Galatura, one of the known Weavers around town, Hurzicht, always wearing at least one layer of hat or headscarf, often covered in embroidery

Player name: Kep

(Player pronouns are also usually she/her, or any neopronouns, but please avoid putting me on the spot about pronouns in a crowd; it often startles and befuddles me. “They” is ok in passing but to be clear “they” is not a pronoun I declare for myself and I’d really prefer you pick anything else. I’m specifying this because folk have tried to correct others into using ‘they’ for me multiple times; rumors of my use of ‘they’ pronouns are greatly exaggerated! :green_heart: I am genderqueer in the ‘still using she pronouns while presenting in gender non-conforming ways’ way or ‘yes, and’ or ‘havoc! nonsense!’ way more than in the ‘separatist from assigned gender of origin’ way. )

I may or may not have a large black sun hat on top of a head-scarf, but will always have some kind of wrapped head scarf, and generally will have embroidery of some kind on my costuming.
The fuschia tunic and vest are my usual costume.
The tan shirt and fuschia pants are my alternate costume, usually for “being fancy” or if the regular one’s wet or dirty.


Hello all I’m Mark and the character I play is Shambrin (both he/him). Some people call me Shambles and if you do Shambrin may act mad or offended but trust that Mark is not. Sometimes I wear a hat, sometimes I don’t. My bad Irish accent comes and goes. I was born a Daler turf farmer and spent a lot of time with Lothlan mercenaries learning stabby stab and lately I’ve been learning wizardry.


Player name: Chris (he/him)

Character Name: Amos Saggory

Special Moves: regular crossbow attack

Blood Type: yes

Home:.the big tent on the hill

Amos is a master herbalist who specializes in making food which he mainly distributes in exchange for more stuff that he uses to make more food. He is also a tracker and the worlds only spellshieldiest wizard. He has a job as the constable, which means mainly he collects fees for the town. We usually have a generator and a kotatsu at the tent if you need to warm up, and plenty of pillows and blankets if you want to sit or take a nap. I even have an induction stovetop so i can make tea and ramen in a pinch.


I’m Astrophel (Zack out of game, he/him), “the worst wizard”, “not that kind of Alchemist” and “spooky bog witch baby Mystic”.

Absolute MADlad, member of the Hilltop Occupants Association, and Raven Lyra.

I might seem scary but most of the time I’m just a silly little guy, don’t worry about the other times. wink


I’m Roderago Wrightwood di Petulengro di Romanza, Paragon Mystic, Emissary of Umbra, Docent of the Imperfect Arts. Or Uncle Drago to family and some friends. I have an established reputation as a knowledgeable scholar. I’m the elder mystic around Oak Harbor, and coordinate the running of the Oak Harbor Mystics Guild.

Despite the excessive title, much of what I do is be a scholar of the realms and all things mystic. If you have questions about almost anything, ask me. If I don’t have something I can share from my books I’ll try to find an answer or point you at how to find it.

If you need mystic lessons, I will either provide them or connect you with someone who can provide them. If you need not-mystic-lessons and are not sure who to ask, ask me and I will find someone who can teach you. Worst case, I know lots of dead people, and the dead know everything, so I can find a placeholder teacher to provide lesson plans until we find you a living one.

If you need to get a message to the Gatekeeper of Umbra, find me or another Emissary of Umbra. Its why the Gatekeeper has Emissaries.

Player: Jerrod(they)
Character: Roderago(he/uncle)
Descriptors: Human Mystic Felicitoro & Velliar
Notable costuming: Red talisman with bells, wide black and red belt with to many pouches and scroll cases hanging from it, black cane with brass skull head, a hand full of red spell packets


CP granted to all posts above this one. Thank you!


Hey all! I’m Ren (they/them) and I play Jasper Birdwhistle (he/him) Human, tattershall, weaver! Recognizable by the fact that I tail Velikah wherever she may be. It’s been so lovely coming back to the witchwood and meeting (and re-meeting) everyone!


Hi I’m Nova (any and all pronouns)! (Puck They/Them). I’m a Galatura Mystic who has a penchant for jokes! I use jokes as my stories you see and I also tell jokes to help turn undead! I have a couple outfits I like to wear but I’ll almost always have my scarf that was a gift from a dear childhood friend. My name is Nova because I’m such a ray of sunshine (not sure if the person who named me was being sarcastic).


Hello, its me Bobbin Tangle (greta ekstein)
I’m a newer herbalist tring to discover my way in life! Leaving home can be rough but my plants have got my back!