Clarification on Spa Mechanics

Hello everyone. It has come to our attention that there was a misunderstanding regarding the Spa, its mechanics, and what future advancements for it would mean.

The first point of confusion is that we would like to clarify that while the current mechanics of the spa have the most benefit towards more martial headers, they are not limited to them. The design of this mechanic is meant to allow members of the town to design their own buffs based on what headers they possess. This means that runecrafters could design a buff for runecrafters, or alchemists could design a buff for alchemists, or any other combination of skills that you would wish to try to employ to this end. However, it is just as possible for these groups to build these buffs for other groups as well, and not those directly using those specific headers.

The second point of clarification that we would like to make is around the list of possible upgrades to the spa. This was not meant to be an exhaustive list, merely a presentation of options to provide an example of something the already specified headers could create or obtain. We would like to foster player creativity in growing and supporting the town, so feel free to suggest other options for effects the spa might have.

While this will be clarified again in game, we wanted to take the chance to make a post about it on the forum.

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For those lacking context, see these threads:

TLDR: You can spend 20 leaf between noon-4pm on Willowsday, to gain a modest refresh and a possible TBD buff based on other things yet to be done in game.

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