Fall 2021 Registration is Open! (for returning players)

Hi everyone!

Registration is now open for our Fall 2021 events!

For the first week, registration is limited to people who either A) attended a 2019 event or B) registered for a 2020 event.
After the week is over (on July 27), registration will open for all interested persons.

If we hit our 50 player cap, you may get put on the waitlist to play. Or, volunteer to NPC.

A season pass is $130 ($65 per event)
A single event pass is $70, or $80 if you register less than 2 weeks out from the event.
Our new player discount is still in effect.

Please read the event description! It contains important information, including details about the fact that we have decided we will be checking vaccine cards for all participants, and notes about BGS that apply to all players.

Also, send in rumors! Email them to rumors@witchwoodroleplaying.com. They can be true or untrue, silly or serious. They will be posted on the forums, along with staff-created rumors, about a week before the event.

I am so excited to be opening registrations again.

-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director

Question for you or perhaps suggestion: At check-in, an affidavit of “I have not knowingly been exposed to Covid, or potentially exposed to Covid, within the last 14 days” to be signed. (Language a suggestion only.)

There are breakthrough infections even within those who are vaxxed (and children under 12 cannot be vaxxed), especially with Delta-V.

Also, will WW be offering childcare this event? (Please see concerns above.)

Sorry to be a giant killjoy, even while vaccinated.

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The check-in affidavit is a fine suggestion. We’ll think about the exact language.

Childcare is also a very good question, that I will get back to everyone about ASAP.

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Registration is now open to everybody!

Mask guidance/requirements may also change as the event approaches. We’ll keep listening to the CDC.

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Please register if you plan to NPC! This is always helpful, but now it is extra important due to additional precautions relating to food, sleeping arrangements, costume non-sharing, etc.

The website should let you register for free if you are staff. If it doesn’t, select “Pay at the Door” and contact me to let me know you are going to NPC and not be a player.

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Lodging survey is up! Please fill out if you are attending Fall 1, both PCs and NPCs!

Regarding childcare, no one has expressed a need to have on-site childcare for this event.
While we do not expect to have children on-site this time, everyone should be aware that an increasing number of community members are parents & caretakers. While the adults will all be vaccinated, everyone should take into their own risk assessment that we may be passing germs from the wee-ones onto you.

Are masks going to be required for when we’re indoors?

It looks like yes.

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